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Welcome to CouponsEZ , the way to keep your customers coming back more often with INTERNET COUPONS for your store or e-business! There's no hardware or software to buy.

We GUARANTEE you can make and manage great coupons from anywhere in the world ---with ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE!



  • You create customized coupons in JUST MINUTES from any computer!

  • Customers go to your unique Internet Coupon Address to print out their coupons.

  • You quickly and easily update coupons monthly, weekly, or even daily!

  • Internet Coupons are the key to any successful marketing plan!

  • Don't wait another minute to increase your business and get more repeat
    sales and referrals

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  • I sell more products with my online coupons from CouponsEZ. I love the ease and convenience! I travel alot and find that I can change my coupons from anywhere. What a great service!
    --- Kathy M., Online Business Owner

    I get a far better response than with mailers---and for a lot less. CouponsEZ paid for itself in the first month! I'm sold and customers love the convenience! We're getting more referrals now, too!
    ---Kelly E., Gift Shop Owner

    We keep our coupons on the refrigerator. We went out the other night and found the
    coupon we were going to use was expired, but then noticed a CouponsEZ address and went and printed a new one. We would have gone somewhere else if they hadn't had their newest coupons at CouponsEZ!

    --- Phyllis S., Customer

    I've always sent out my discounts by email, but my returns weren't as high as they could be. I realized that some emails were lost to junk filters and too much email in people's inboxes. CouponsEZ makes sense to me to keep all of my coupons in one place and easily updated. Now, all I have to do is send out reminders to my customers to go and check out my current deals and discounts. CouponsEZ has rounded out my marketing strategy perfectly. Thanks for your great service!
    -- Charles P., Store Owner
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